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Join one of the fastest growing Handyman Partnerships in the UK and watch your business go from strength to strength. There are no ridiculously high start-up fees and we give realistic information, based on our experiences, not fanciful earning potential with fictitious promises.

We tell it as it is. We will be available for help, advice and assistance as needed at all times. Partners are partners in the business ( once completion of first 12 months) and our success will, ultimately, be your success too.

  • If you already run a Handyman business, then you will no longer be alone and, instead, will be part of a successful, UK team
  • Become pat of a national brand and everything that entails.
  • Gain unlimited Support and advice from other Partners. View it as a Handyman Course in real-time.
  • Lack the expertise for certain jobs? No problem! Simply Include other partners on more challenging projects.

  • Benefit from a bigger on-line exposure.
  • Gain credibility with clients, especially commercial clients, by being part of something bigger.
  • Gives you the confidence to bid for larger projects.
  • Pooled finances, giving economies of scale.
  • Significantly cheaper than other national Handyman Franchises.
  • We tell it as it is and, therefore, will not give you fanciful earning potential with fictitious promises.
  • Instead of tying you to a contract, we prefer to base our relationship with you on trust and mutual respect.
  • Have your own web page on our site.
  • Favourable price with our Web Designer if you require your own Website, in addition.

Buying into a national Franchise brand can, typically, cost tens of thousands of pounds, annually. Not only that, you are often tied into a fixed term contract, with severe penalties in the event you wish to extricate yourself from the agreement. Many include substantial up-front costs, placing huge financial burdens on any new start-up business.

At Handy Guy Services, we like to do things differently; we like to remove the risk altogether. There is no contract. Instead, our relationship will be based on trust and mutual respect. If it doesn't work out, you simply cancel the monthly Direct Debit, with no penalties.

There is a monthly fee for joining the partnership but we remain one of the most cost effective brand partnerships in the UK, today. It doesn't stop there. At the end of the year, any excess profit the Partnership generates, is shared amongst our Partners. How cool is that?

Are you hard working? Do you enjoy DIY jobs around the house? Do you have an eye for detail? Will you be able to take on board, the unlimited advice and support offered to you, to help make your business a success? Is a strong customer service ethos important to you? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we would be delighted to hear from you. To register your interest, simply complete the Application Form on this page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

As you would expect from a national brand, our reputation is very important to us and is something we are very keen to protect and nurture. To help achieve this, all our Partners adhere to a code of conduct, agreed and put in place by them, to help ensure new Partners are able to enhance our Handyman brand even further. Our code includes;

  • Giving accurate quotes for jobs with no hidden costs
  • No minimum call-out fees
  • Respond to any request within 24 hours
  • Help find ways of reducing client costs i.e. two jobs / projects at once
  • No job will ever be too small or too big
  • You will always be polite and respectful
  • Being presentable at all times and wearing the Handy Guy branded apparel.
  • Be punctual or contact the client if a previous job is running late.
  • Carry all work out to the highest standard and be proud of the work you do
  • Build trust with clients for a mutually beneficial relationship
  • To uphold the Handy Guy Services brand, as a business built on reputation and satisfaction guaranteed

If this is your first business, then not only can it be very daunting, it can also be a very stressful time, with bills still needing to be paid and wondering if you made the right decision. The good news is; all our Partners have been through exactly the same and are now able to offer you the benefit of their experience. To help you "hit the ground running", we can;

  • Recommend a trusted On-line Accountant, offering great advice and very competitive rates.
  • Where to purchase Liability Insurance
  • In the event you do not require an Accountant, we can offer advice on how to maintain your books.
  • Offer advice on the best tools to buy
  • What to charge for various jobs i.e. putting a cupboard up, fixing a tap etc
  • Creating a template for Quotations.
  • How to generate business leads
  • What to be careful of when giving quotes.
  • How to price more complicated projects, such as, kitchen renovations.
  • Offer advice on any Handyman jobs you are not, particularly, knowledgeable about.
  • How to approach meetings with clients.
  • Give feedback, and therefore avoid, things that clients can get annoyed with.
  • Techniques for helping to win business
  • The type of jobs or clients that may prove troublesome.
  • And any other advice or support, you feel you need in the early stages.

To maximise the benefits of being part of a national Handyman brand, our Partners find it hugely beneficial to wear the Handy Guy Services branded shirts and to include our brand on their Vehicle. Although not compulsory, especially for existing Handyman businesses, the benefits of doing so are quite significant;

  • People will have much more confidence in your business, knowing you are part of something bigger.
  • We have invested a lot of time and money on our website and it is there for you, our Partner, to use as a tool for creating strong first impressions with potential new clients, especially commercial clients.
  • Cement relationships with clients, by allowing them to post testimonials via our very attractive Client Testimonial system.
  • No matter where you are, branding will get you noticed. View it as free advertising. Make it easy for people to find out more about your business.

Apart from the support, detailed in the Helping you get started section, above, you will be offered full support by all our Partners. You will be able to telephone or email them and request assistance on any issue you may be experiencing. For example;

  • The best way to go about doing something.
  • You may lack experience in a certain field and need direct assistance from them to complete a project.
  • You may want to bid for larger jobs and need help to complete the project.
  • You may need advice on how to handle a tricky situation.
  • The best place to purchase a certain product

As our Handy Guy Services Partnership grows, we will also look at adding an Online Forum to our Website. This will allow Partners to make a request and simultaneously notify all other Partners of the request. A full history of each request will be held on the Forum, making it quick and easy for Partners to refer to them at any future date. Over time, this will create a useful database of tricks & tips.

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So why not give us a try today and find out why our business is built on reputation and satisfaction guaranteed. Either contact us by telephone on 0800 1613446, Email us by , or why not make your request via our simple Handy Guy Request Form. If you still require more information about us, why not visit our Why Use Us and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  pages.  And finally, thank you, once again, for visiting our Website. We hope you visit again soon

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